Some days are just sad
Those are the days I feel alone in my own home
It’s those days that I feel a giant wedge between me and my wife
I know she is thinking
I know she is worrying
She is hurt…
…and feeling trapped
For her everything has changed
and yet nothing has changed
She is pushing me away…
she doesn’t know what else to do
when things are this painful
I’m not the man she thought she had married
I’m not even the man I thought I was
I’m different
and there’s nothing I can do about that
that’s all we can do
until God provides the way
until the dollars sprout in new fields
And until then
things are

  1. Ron says:

    I used an Ipod a lot with hymns and gospel songs to get through that scary time of life. I still only cling to grace to explain the past — and tonight was brilliantly happy. Both my daughter and husband had victories today and I was fairly good too. J I Packer says that hope is one of the 7 necessary truths of the gospel. Keep holding on!

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